燈管 - LED 4FT T8 燈管

LED 4FT T8 Nano Tube

瓦數 Wattage : 18W

電壓 Voltage : AC85-265V

壽命: 25000 Hours

發光角度 Beam Angle(°) : 360°

燈管效率 Efficiency: > 90%

演色性 CRI :  > 80

光效: (LM/W)

6000K -110LM/W 

4000K -110LM/W

3000K -100LM/W

呎吋 Size: 

4FT  Φ26*1198mm

材質 Material: 奈米玻纖 Nano plastic

備註 Note: 

什麼是奈米玻纖管PC? What is Nano tube?

奈米PC是塑料PC與導光粒子組合,高達>93% 透光度

The Nano plastic is a kind of material which is combination of PC and high transmittance light guide particle and the transmittance higher to 93%


不易破 Zero Broken

不易變形 No Deformation

安裝安全 Safety installation

阻燃材質 Fire - Resist

溫和光 Light Soft

食品安全 Food Safety Reted

台灣製造 千晶照明 Made in Taiwan by KANJIN

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